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Paulryan article

Paul Ryan Says He's Happy To Be Considered Less Trustworthy ...

Tucking his tail firmly between his legs, Ryan declared that he was pleased with those findings.

John mooregettyimages article

Trump: 9/11 Way Worse Than Pearl Harbor Cuz 'Great People' Were ...

On Monday, Donald Trump made a quick stop in Buffalo to get one last dig in at veterans before the New York primary.

Trumpfam article

Pay To Be Trump’s Intern, Get Face Time With His Spawn

Yes, he’s giving people the opportunity to pay to work for him. Truly, his generosity knows no end.

Seanhannity article

Hannity OUTRAGED By Attacks On GOP Wives, But Totes OK With ...

Now that his own party is deservedly coming under-fire, for behaving like children and embarrassing the country, Hannity wants to pretend he’s above getting a politician’s family involved.

23975407111 69319e14fc z %281%29 article

No, 68 Percent of Americans Do Not Blame 'The Media' For Trump's Violent Rallies

After RNC Chair Reince Priebus decided to push the blame for the violence at Donald Trump’s rallies on the media, conservatives had to scramble to find something to back up his outrageous allegations.

Cruz article

Cruz Draws The Line At Trump Shooting Someone

Cruz may sit idly by while Trump makes ridiculous claims, endorses hate, and promotes war crimes (actually Cruz also supports those), but by God, there is some limit to what he will tolerate.

Philipseidle article

Remorseless Cop Admits To Killing Wife In Front Of Daughter, Gets ...

This occurred in broad daylight in a neighborhood full of witnesses and with other police officers present. Thanks to a plea deal, he will not face life in prison.

18646695083 3cdbbddf81 z article

You Won't Believe What The Missouri Legislature Passed After Epic 39-Hour Filibuster

After 39-hours of Democratic filibuster, Missouri Republicans utilized a parliamentary maneuver to vote in favor of a bill to allow faith-based discrimination in the state.

Bowebergdahl article

Bowe Bergdahl's Lawyers Have Some Questions For Trump

Unsatisfied to allow due process to run its course, Trump has repeatedly referred to Sgt. Bergdahl as a traitor and indicated that he should be executed.

16082839931 2bb99c6293 z article

Oklahoma Ignores Massive Deficit And Funds Anti-Choice Education Instead

In a fiscal year where Oklahoma is already facing an estimated $1.2 billion shortage to the budget, the House felt their focus would be best spent making sure that all High School Students are educated about the “humanity of a child in utero.”

Troybthompsonflickr article

Kentucky's Latest Pathetic Refusal To Acknowledge Marriage Equality

Once again Kentucky is drawing attention for its impotent attempts to circumvent the constitutional ruling on marriage equality.

Pastorstevenanderson article

If Slavery is Good Enough for the Bible, it's Good Enough for Pastor ...

“The Bible is right about everything, no matter what the subject,” Anderson said in a sermon clip posted to his Youtube channel. “If it says something in conflict with what we believe, we need to change what we believe and get on the bible’s program.”

Trump article

Trump Claims Ultra Elite Private Club Makes Him A Champion For Equal Rights

“There’s nobody that has done so much for equality as I have. You take a look at Palm Beach, Florida. I built the Mar-A-Lago Club. Totally open to everybody.”

Thedailybeast chris kathleen matthews article

Hardball Host May Have to Answer For His Clinton Bias

Chris Matthews, might have finally revealed the motivation behind his overwhelming support of Hillary Clinton. Not surprisingly, it all comes down to money.

Bernieactionfigure1 article

There's A New Bernie Action Figure—And It's Going CRAZY - www ...

FCTRY Kickstarts a Bernie Sanders action figure, crowd goes wild.