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Darkness2 article

Safe Spaces For Dark Tasks: Why We Love Doing Forbidden Things ...

Videogames never made us subversive and terrible, we did that on our own.

2064readonlymemories article

2064: ROM Devs Punished For Their Politics On Metacritic - New ...

Back in January amid the chaotic political climate of the new Trump administration, Midboss took a stand against the alt-right on Twitter.

Farcry5.2 article

Far Cry 5 Makes The White Male Power Fantasy Accessible To All ...

Controversy Around a Far Cry Game? Heaven Forbid

Pyre1 article

Nothing To Fear As Supergiant Skips E3 To Prepare For Pyre Release

“We’re so close to being finished with development that we’re going to focus on that.”

F13logo article

Choosing The Best Friday The 13th The Game Jason - Cliqist

Choosing The Best Friday The 13th The Game Jason - ...

Astrobasecommand3 article

Behind The Campaign With Astrobase Command's Dave Williams ...

As Astrobase Command closes in on its Kickstarter funding goal, we reached out to Dave Williams of Jellyfish Games to learn more about the project’s impressive comeback.

F13counselors article

Selecting Your Counselor Main For Friday The 13th The Game - Cliqist

Selecting Your Counselor Main For Friday The 13th The Game.

Spacentraderslogo article

Space N Traders Proves Steam Greenlight Can't Die Fast Enough ...

Earlier this year Valve announced that they were discontinuing their Steam Greenlight distribution method.

Re zombie article

5 Games That Get Zombies Right

What if, zombies in games weren’t just machine gun fodder? What if there was a way to bring back the tension that comes from being slowly, inevitably hunted? Let’s take a look at how a few games have tried to bring scary zombies back to gaming.

Compare garrettcynric article

5 Sequel Theories Of Completely Unrelated Games Hey Poor Player

If you’ve got some time and a bit of imagination these subtle references can take on a host of unexpected implications.

Hitmanep3 article

Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh Is Coming Next Week Hey Poor Player

The next episodic entry of Io-Interactive’s, Hitman series launches on May 31, 2016.

Eldet4 article

How Eldet Gets Story Driven LGBT Right

With LGBT representation in media slowly growing, it’s exciting to see more diverse characters come into their own.

7days article

7 Days To Die Gets PS4 And Xbox One Release Hey Poor Player

Telltale Publishing has teamed up with The Fun Pimps to bring their survival horde crafting game to console players starting next month.

The division conflict article

Free Conflict Update For Tom Clancy's The Division Drops Today ...

Conflict, the second content update for Tom Clancy’s The Division is now available. This is part of Ubisoft’s post-launch plan to keep The Division experience fresh with ongoing content.

Hyrulewarriorsdarunia article

KOEI TECMO Teases New Omega Force Title For E3 Hey Poor Player

You may remember the folks at Omega Force for their Dynasty Warriors series and Hyrule Warriors. Should we expect another hack-and-slash powerhouse?