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Paxeast article

All the Best of PAX East 2016

Penny Arcade Expo is a mecca for gamers and last month’s PAX East in Boston was no exception. With tons of games to play, panels to watch, and swag to collect, PAX is a required bucket list item for every gamer. This can make snagging tickets difficult. Fortunately, I’ve compiled a quick run-down of some of the best games from PAX East 2016 to keep an eye on.

Unravel article

When Precision Matters, Get the Gear

I might be thrifty, but I value my sanity too highly to waste time hammering down keys just to make sure my commands are received.

Traveler screenshot article

Is VR the Future, or Just a Gimmick?

The majority of today’s VR games seem to play more like concept demos. They show off the features of the VR, but the gameplay and stories are lacking.