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Pyre1 article

Nothing To Fear As Supergiant Skips E3 To Prepare For Pyre Release

“We’re so close to being finished with development that we’re going to focus on that.”

F13logo article

Choosing The Best Friday The 13th The Game Jason - Cliqist

Choosing The Best Friday The 13th The Game Jason - ...

Astrobasecommand3 article

Behind The Campaign With Astrobase Command's Dave Williams ...

As Astrobase Command closes in on its Kickstarter funding goal, we reached out to Dave Williams of Jellyfish Games to learn more about the project’s impressive comeback.

F13counselors article

Selecting Your Counselor Main For Friday The 13th The Game - Cliqist

Selecting Your Counselor Main For Friday The 13th The Game.

Spacentraderslogo article

Space N Traders Proves Steam Greenlight Can't Die Fast Enough ...

Earlier this year Valve announced that they were discontinuing their Steam Greenlight distribution method.

Eldet4 article

How Eldet Gets Story Driven LGBT Right

With LGBT representation in media slowly growing, it’s exciting to see more diverse characters come into their own.

Epictavernlogo article

Fantasy Bartending Sim 'Epic Tavern' Makes Work An Adventure

Combining elements of classic RPG’s, Epic Tavern adds an unique combination of roster management and social simulation.

Undeaddarlingslogo article

Undead Darlings Visual Novel RPG Returns To Kickstarter

While the initial reception was positive, Undead Darlings was ultimately unable to meet their funding goals. Fortunately, developer, Mr. Tired Media didn’t plan to give up so easily.

Legendmakerlogo article

Legend Maker Brings Your Zelda Dreams to Life - Cliqist

With a style heavily reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, players are able to build their own stories and shape their worlds, piece by piece.

Bearsimulator2 article

Bear Simulator Developer Returns After PewDiePie Drama - Cliqist

Despite delivering exactly what was promised in the Kickstarter, Bear Simulator Developer, Farjay Studios, managed to get a scathing review from Youtube icon PewDiePie.

Niche3 article

Learning to Adapt With Niche

Players have to weigh the risks of carnivores, inclement weather, famine, and the realistic aging of their critters when determining where and how far to wander from their nest site.

Laptopkickerlogo article

Buy This Guy a Laptop And He Pinky Swears to Make a Game With It - Cliqist

Rather then try to sell backers on the merits of whatever game he is trying to create, Fidler opted for the unique approach of asking people to pay for his new laptop, which he totally promises to use to continue making his game, for real you guys.

Urineittowinitlogo article

Urine It To Win It! Peeing Simulator Hits Kickstarter - Cliqist

At this point it would be fair to wonder if Urine It to Win It! is just an elaborate ruse. It’s certainly possible, but considering the studio’s history of subversive context, there may be more to the game.

Paypalpurchaseupdate article

Paypal Protections Will No Longer Cover Crowdfunding Payments ...

Considering Paypal’s history of issues with the crowdfunding community, this is a change that seems long overdue.

Unsungstory article

Unsung Story Back In Development, Still Nothing To Show For It ...

It’s been over 2 years since the campaign ended and Playdek still doesn’t have much to show the 15,824 people who supported Unsung Story, and backers are furious.