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Gettyimages 118409175 article

Casey Anthony Paid Attorney With Sex; Admitted Killing Baby Caylee (VIDEO)

Former private investigator Dominic Casey has come forward accusing Anthony of confessing to the murder, and paying her attorney with sex, according to PEOPLE.

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Detroit Students Lose Out Again: Tutoring Scam Costs DPS Millions (Video)

Students in Detroit Public Schools really can’t catch a break. In addition to the deplorable conditions of the district’s schools, they also have to contend with school officials constantly ripping them off.

Trumpgolf article

Climate Change Is Real When It Costs Trump Money (VIDEO)

The outspoken Republican nominee has been adamant, against all scientific logic, that global warming is a hoax.

Biggestloser article

Should NBC Lose “The Biggest Loser”? Contestant Allegations Continue (Video)

With new study results revealing negative long-term effects of NBC’s hit extreme-dieting show, more former contestants are demanding NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” finally be canceled.

Sassytrump article

WTF? Burned By Trump But Still Supporting Him? (VIDEO)

In what must be a political psychologist’s wet dream, the stories of people actively going against their own self-interests to vote for Donald Trump continue to turn up.

Obama article

Republicans Are Having A Meltdown Over Obama's Overtime Rule (VIDEO)

This week President Obama and the Department of Labor have finalized plans to fix problems with overtime pay in America.

Johnhaag article

WATCH: Arizona Man Facing Aggravated Assault Charges After Playing Hero

Haag fled the scene and neglected to report his involvement to police, but the incident had been caught on film by a dash-cam.

Racistfliers article

Racist Fliers Distributed In Sacramento Urge Slaughter Of Muslims And Latinos - www.liberalamerica.org

Denise Calderon, a local community activist, discovered the fliers on cars around her apartment. Angered, Calderon removed the fliers from as many cars as she could before contacting police.

876151408 a34e05667c z article

Biotech Company Given Permission To Reactivate Brains Of The Dead

In order to qualify, participants must be medically certified as brain dead and only being kept alive by the efforts of life support machines.

Cruztalkstoprotesters article

Cruz Confronting Trump Supporters Is Cringe-Worthy To Watch (Video) - www.liberalamerica.org

Cruz really should have known better then to think facts would hold any sway in a debate with one of Trump’s troglodytes.

Hotdogparents article

Parents Get 20-Year Sentence After Feeding This Vile Conconction To Their Son

During the trial, both Sefton and Lloyd’s attorneys attempted to paint the disgusting adults as martyrs, just doing the best they could for their children.

Foxhostbure article

Ditzy Fox News Host Thinks God Should Choose Presidential Candidate (Video)

As usual it was left to Earhardt’s co-hosts, Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy, to attempt to salvage the discussion, but the damage had been done.

5461590715 c6d619f967 z article

Court Smacks Down Fundies Claiming Science Education 'Promotes Atheism'

In what has to be the greatest case of either cognitive dissonance or satire imaginable, a Kansas based Christian group has been fighting the Kansas Board of Education, for “indoctrinating impressionable young minds.”

Textalyzer article

New York Proposes 'Textalyzer' Device, Pinky Swears Not To Steal Data

A new “textalyzer” device would help authorities determine whether someone involved in a motor vehicle accident was unlawfully driving while distracted. It would also be a huge violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Danaericson article

Judge Rules Hatchet-Wielding White Supremacist Incompetent To Stand Trial

Two doctors, Dr. George Parker and Dr. Don Olive, both evaluated Ericson and determined that he is currently not competent to stand trial.